On the Edge of Tenderness. GribTrip visually indulges into mediated vernacular production of animated and digitally embroidered images, channeling Slavic views of mushrooms as mythological entities. I am constructing animated choreographic vignettes in collaboration with three audio artists: Edward Reardon, Dani Che, and Val Era, that have developed original musical and vocal content specifically for the video, responding to my digital mushrooms’ rhythmic, electro-magnetic and mythological manifestations, evoking through the visuals. The audio scores interact with a variety of my instantaneous sequences that emerge through the live mix of animated drawings and as mushrooms materialize through the digital embroidery process. Mushrooms, simultaneously chthonic and sacred, meaty and delicate, forbidden and desirable, seductive and liberating, ambiguous and omnipresent, resilient and gentle beings, perform and signify the embodiment of mythological convergence of nature and culture.